Below is a cost comparison between using The Diaper Wagon's cloth diaper service and buying disposable, single-use diapers.

Eighty conventional (Pampers) disposable diapers cost around $32.00. Eighty natural (7th Generation) disposable diapers cost around $35.00. Eighty cloth diapers with our service costs $21.92 - $24.23, depending on the duration of service you choose.
Comparing total cost over 18 months, the average duration child in cloth diapers: Disposables = $2,730 vs. Our Service = $1,830.

And remember, babies who are cloth diapered tend to potty-train earlier than those in single-use disposables and this just adds to the savings of choosing cloth.

For more about this check out the information given by National Association of Diaper Services, be sure to scroll down for the cost comparison done in 2004.

Although this page is about evaluating the cost to the individual family of cloth diapering vs. disposable, single-use diapers there is so much more involved than our immediate budget. Disposables heavily tax our resources and environment. This directly affects our cost of living and is therefore a long term expense that is difficult to quantify.